How to Build Lee Sin – Season 3 w/ inSec, Cruzerthebruzer, Voyboy, and RhuxHow to Build Lee Sin – Season 3 w/ inSec, Cruzerthebruzer, Voyboy, and Rhux

How to Build Lee Sin – Season 3 w/ inSec, Cruzerthebruzer, Voyboy, and Rhux

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Hello Summoners, Ziploxx here with HowToBuild LeeSin.

I thought Lee Sin would make a perfect adition to the how to build series. Building Lee Sin versatile build options allow for a lot of re-tooling to tailor to your team’s specific needs.

Onto Lee’s starting item choices. You can go ahead and pause here if you wanna take a closer look at these but I’ll be going over all of them.

Hexdrinker against a mid or toplane ap champion. All 3 of these builds have the same starting idea though, high ey AD and sustain.
I have seen some junglers like how inSec builds Lee Sin or how theOddOne builds Lee Sin will How to Build Lee Sin Voyboy inSec theOddOne with Doran’s Blade and Longsword starts as well. Feel free to play with that and make sure you get smiteless or at least a lot of help with your leash.

Keep Doran’s Shield + potion as well as Cloth armor and 5 pots in mind as well. Being a manaless champ these are when Voyboy plays lee sin safe starting build for Lee against an Ad lane that you’re not so confident in.

Like many manaless champs currently, regrowth bead, a ward, and 5 hp pots is a popular take on lee when inSec plays Lee Sin. Double regrowth bead with 3 hp potions is common as well, as Tiamat is a common early pick-up on Lee when inSec playing lee sin.
Pickaxe is a good option on Lee if you are snowballing and you want to kill your lane more. Another snowballing option is another Doran’s Blade. Lee has tasty AD ratios and damage so he can use every bit of the AD from those items. Hexdrinker is another good option for Lee like I mentioned above, and can be taken early. Many lees will get an early Tiamat and Max E first, giving them amazing wave clear.

It should be noted that Black Cleaver is occasionally built when watching inSec play Lee Sin, and that how to build Lee Sin is NOT so energy hungry that he can’t build any CD. Building Lee Sin like this gives the energy back from his passive and the low energy cost of his abilities. Any more CDR then a brutalizer though and you’re doing yourself a disservice. Phage can be considered if you’re lane is kiting you or you’re having trouble catching people in ganks when building Lee Sin in Season 3.

How to build Jungle lee sin should look to get a Spirit of the Ancient Golem OR Wriggles Lantern. Although it should be noted Ancient Golem is being built much more in the pro scene on Lee Sin. Many pro junglers are rushing madreds razor and sight stone but instead of finishing the razor they rush a utility item like Iron Solari.

Later into the game consider these items. Sightstone is an awesome buy on both how to build Lane Lee Sin and Jungle Lee Sin. I’d go as far as to say that this item is core though generally you should look to build another item first to help your mid game when learning how inSec plays Lee Sin. It give you a load of gap closers that you can refuel everytime you back. If you need to get a Runic Bulwark, Randuins Omen, or Iron Solari for tankyness the midgame is the place to do it. Although building lee has high ratios he also has good peel, mobility, and CC, so if he needs to fill the more utility tank/peeler niche he can. Warmogs, Sunfire, and Guardians Angel are ALLLL built on Lee Sin when they need to be. How to build Lee sin is a perfect example for “the right tool for the right job” kind of champion build. Building Jungle Lee sin especially does not scale as well into the late game, so building defensive stats on him is advantageos. Other AD choices we have for Lee are Last Whisper and Blade of the Ruined King. Although I see much less Bork than Last whisper it is still built occasionally. Like mentioned before Ravenous Hydra is a common build on Lee Sin when Vobyoy builds Lee Sin or inSec builds Lee Sin. Bloodthirster still is built often as well but it seems that most pro’s are looking to Hydra to get their lifesteal. I’ll also mention Forzen Mallet here, as it is built on a limited basis when Voyboy builds Lee Sin or inSec builds Lee Sin.

Here is a list of some of the build orders the pro’s are going with. I like this shot because it show’s you what stats the pro’s are choosing to itemize and at what stage in the game they are doing it. Pause here to take a better look.